Publications and papers


Conference papers

  • Michael Webb, Sonja Zmerli and Kevin Brookes, “Place-Based Resentment and Distrust in Government in France”, paper presented at APSA Annual meeting (Los Angeles, August-September 2023), IPSA World Congress (Buenos Aires, July 2023) and MPSA Conference (Chicago, April 2023).   
  • Kevin Brookes, Michael Webb and Sonja Zmerli, “Consciousness of place and political support: An overlooked relationship”, paper presented at ISSP annual meeting, Montreal, July 2023.
  • Kevin Brookes and Sonja Zmerli, “Le lieu de vie a t-il un effet sur la satisfaction vis-à-vis de la démocratie en France”, paper presented at NORFACE Governance Mid-term Conference, Vienna, September 2022.
  • Alina Zumbrunn and Sonja Zmerli, “How Human Values and the Rural-Urban Divide Interact to Shape Voting Behaviour“, Paper presented at ECPR General Conference, August 2022, Innsbruck, Austria.

Working papers

  • Blaise Mouton and Sonja Zmerli, “Le clivage rural – urbain et l’attitude politique des Français à l’élection présidentielle de 2022”, note for a think tank
  • Kevin Brookes and Sonja Zmerli, “Le lieu de vie, un angle mort pour comprendre le comportement politique des Français ?”
  • Kevin Brookes, Bartolomeo Cappellina, Sonja Zmerli and Amaïa Courty, “Les lieux de vie font-ils le vote ?”, chapter for a collective book
  • Kevin Brookes, Rubén Garcia and Michael Webb, “Correlates of Consciousness”, chapter for a collective book
  • Christopher Claassen and Kevin Brookes, “The Rural-urban divide in sociocultural values”, chapter for a collective book
  • Sonja Zmerli, Bartolomeo Cappellina, Christopher Claassen, Michael Webb, “Fairness of Economic Inequalities”, chapter for a collective book
  • Sonja Zmerli, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Kathrin Ackerman,  Richard Traunmüller, “Social Cohesion and the Rural-Urban Divide”
  • Kathrin Ackermann, Guillem Rico and Bartolomeo Cappellina, “Political Participation and Place-based Consciousness”